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What is emergent design?

Emergent design is evolutionary. It manifests itself in practice with constant evaluation and feedback moderating the strategic imperatives.

Emergent design holds both emergence—the bubbling up of new phenomena from the random interaction of individuals—and design—the planned progression of events towards a goal—in a dynamic embrace that maintains a higher level view of the process, and thus transcends the apparent duality by facilitating the interaction between the two approaches. It seeks to reduce the friction points that inhibit the free flow of information and to allow for experimentation towards a goal, so that product development is more like the leaves of trees reaching for the light than central planning.

Emergent design is an expression of the dynamic interactive processes of ecology on a micro, macro, and generational scale. It is also the mechanism for growth in an ecological growth economy. It contains The Cathedral and the Bazaar, The Spider and the Starfish.

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