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Solutions Portfolio

Below, a sampling of sites I’ve designed and built, as well as logos and illustrations.

Problem: Major business journalism Web site badly needed facelift and new back-end. Code needed to be backwards-compatible and forward-looking.

Approach: Collection pages redesigned completely with new content wells, new features, and an emphasis on interactivity. Archived pages were updated by adjusting CSS and modifying SSIs. New article templates were created to use more current CSS. Greater weight given to user engagement.

Results: An increase in ad sales, a doubling of traffic, and positive responses from both readers and advertisers.

Problem: A mid-sized congregation entering its second-year of ministerial search without finding candidates the search committee was comfortable with.

Approach: Craft a message that makes potential candidates feel warmly welcomed and showcases the assets of the church and community in a way meant to appeal to the target audience.

Results: In a year where the majority of pulpits went unfilled, over 20 ministers applied, four strong candidates were interviewed, and a match was made.

Problem: The UU-UNO, an international nonprofit, faced a dual whammy. Its Content Management System was out of date, hard to edit, and performing poorly and its design had gotten lost in all the gargoyles added to it over the years.

Approach: Research the organization’s communication needs and install a CMS that makes publishing fast and easy and allows connections to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media (WordPress). Simplify the infrastructure to focus on the core missions and design a simple framework that mixes featured articles, standing pages, and timely, news-driven articles.

Results: Much easier to navigate. Program staff can now do their own publishing quickly and easily so site stays current.

Problem: A collaboration between four teachers and their classes in two states needed a central place to coordinate their project. The project included several technologies that were new to the students and many of them were confused and frustrated about the assignment.

Approach: A special-purpose blog helped to simplify communications, clarify instructions, and improve student engagement. The process of posting to the blog introduced the students to the concept of science as a community enterprise.

Results: Step-by-step instructions on the blog guided the students through the project. Comments allowed nondisruptive communication between teacher and students.

Problem: Existing artist’s portfolio site needed cross-browser coding and video overlays.

Approach: Recoded back end for cross-platform, cross-browser compatibility using valid xhtml and css and conditional tags for IE. Used a javascript framework rather than flash for the transitions. Experimented with different video formats to see which loaded and played most consistently on slower connections.

Results: Cross-platform compatible and a consistent experience across platforms with an SEO-friendly and gracefully degrading front-end.

Logos and Illustrations

Logo design for massage practitioner. Hexagram means “peace”